Agricultural Product Processing

1 million tons of edible oil, olive cake and biodiesel are produced per annum at Turkey’s largest fully integrated oilseed processing and biodiesel facility which is installed in Mersin on a 120-decare land, owned by AVES with its 1.500 tons/day crushing, 700 tons/day refining and 1.100 tons/day filling capacity.

At our facility, oilseeds with high protein ingredient such as soybean, sunflower seed, corn, canola, aspire, safflower, camelina sativa and cottonseed are processed using state-of-art technology.

In our refining and filling facility, a broad range of oil such as sunflower seed oil under SAFYA brand, corn oil SARI DARI brand and cottonseed oil under MERSINA brand is bottled from 1 to 18 liter containers while liquid oil can also be sold as flexi and bulk.

And with a capacity of 84.000 cubic meter silo and 28.000 cubic meter vessel storage, AVES has a smart shelf storage system with 5.000 euro pallet capacity installed on 3.000 meter square area. Thanks to the staff specialized in their field, crude oil and olive cake are produced by way of supplying the most valuable seeds rich of oil and protein from all over the world and then processing them in our hygienic and fully automated facility at international standards, they are sold in existing domestic and foreign oil facilities.

Production can be carried out by either direct extraction or pressed extraction. In our facility, 2 different kinds of seeds can be processed simultaneously; there are seed storage silos with a capacity of 62.400 tons while different kinds of seeds can be stored in 12 different silos all at once.

There is a lateral storage unit with a capacity of storing 25.000 tons of soybean cakes. There are also 3 lateral olive cake storage units with a capacity of 3000 tons for each (9000 tons in total) for other oilseed cakes.

In addition, such olive cakes produced make significant contribution to livestock industry currently operating in our country.

Since the foundation, local soybean and cottonseed processing is mainly focused so that the oil produced can be consumed as raw material for biodiesel.

Extending its market share in both local market and foreign markets day by day with SAFYA branded sunflower oil for which it guarantees same quality in the first bottle and one millionth bottle AVES has achieved an export return over 65 million USD in the previous year.

Sales are made mainly in Middle Eastern, Asian Pacific and African territories; products are exported to more than 60 countries in total. According to TIM’S data, AVES is the 18th largest exporter in the industry.