With its nearly 25 years of experience in international commodity trade, AVES A.Ş. has a significant place in edible oil, grain and oilseed market since 2009, and has been making substantial contributions to the needs of industry as one of the largest suppliers of crude sunflower seed oil in Turkey.

AVES buys oilseeds such as soybean, corn and sunflower seed directly from farmers in Ukraine and Russia once their conformity to TS and AOCS is ensured. AVES also supplies crude sunflower oil directly from crushing facilities in Russia. These products are sold to final buyers through AVES’ offices and partnerships in Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland and Dubai.

Products supplied from Russia and Ukraine within the body of Aves Trade DMCC are sold to Turkey, Iraq and Middle Eastern countries by using ports in Iskenderun, Balıkesir and Samsun. AVES adopted taking part in each ring of supply chain as principle with its 320 specialized personnel and according to 2018 data Aves Trade DMCC concluded purchase of 460 thousand tons of oilseed grain, and is gradually strengthening its place and position in the industry through its sales score over 131 million USD.