Our Social Responsibility Policy

In addition to offering economical benefits by creating employment, growth and added-value, we as AVES A.Ş. have been making an effort to ensure sustainable improvement by way of our pioneering and innovative activities on social and environmental issues according to our social responsibility mission since our foundation. We organize sustainable social responsibility projects and sponsorships that add value to brand perception, reflect and feed organizational culture, for the purpose of improving social standards and society’s life quality.

In this extend, we target to improve individual’s and society’s vision by supporting long term social responsibility projects in the fields of education, culture, art, sport, environment and finance, and we see the care we give when using any resource as a reflection of our respect for earth, environment, humanity, next generations and to ourselves.

Respect For Human

Our ‘Respect for Human’ motto allows our employees to have their personal benefits to the fullest extent, and this motto guarantees a work environment that is honest, fair, safe, healthy and compatible with human dignity for our employees; we support the balance between professional life and private life.

  • Rotary Friendship Games – Sponsorship (2015),
  • Mezitli Kuyuluk Spor Football Club Uniform Sponsorship,
  • 2nd International Mersin Marathon Main Sponsor (2016),
  • Financial support for decoration of Homurlu Village Mosque (2017),

We act by taking full account of the requirement of having respect for sensitive issues such as gender, color, language, religion, race, sexual identity, sect, disability, age and marital status between employees based on the principles of equality and equal treatment, and we provide employment based on a person’s abilities and competence, and a fair environment of work. We do care about formal, material and social equality.

  • Ticket support for “Gülen Hayat – Yaşadıkça Varız” titled play staged by Can Art Theatre for the Handicapped as well as the play titled “Engelli Şov” staged by Aktif Stage Theatre for the Handicapped (2015 / 2016),
  • Relief such as hosiery, hygienic products, ready-made outfit, baby products to women inmates and their children in Tarsus Female Correction Facility (2016),
  • Donation of walking sticks to Altınokta Association of the Blind (2017),
  • Korykos International Safya Photography Contest (2017)
Qualified Training

From the perspective of continuous improvement, we support our employees’ in-house development based on the principle that education is one of the key elements in development of a society, and we also support training and development activities required for teaching and learning.

  • Foundation of Silopi Senan İdin Anatolian High School (2006) ,

    Silopi Senan İdin Anatolian High School with 12 classrooms has started educational activities in 2006 / 2007 academic year. In 2017 it continues these activities with 20 teachers and 299 students. One of Silopi Senan İdin Anatolian High School’s first graduates, Umut Timurçin has graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of Iskenderun Technical University and commenced as Work shift Engineer at Aves A.Ş. on 24.04.2017.

  • Mersin 75. Yıl Natural Sciences High School “Construction of Literature Café” (2015),
  • Book donation to Library in Fatih Sultan Mehmet Secondary School in Kovancılar District of Elazığ. Campaign titled “Bir kitap bir çocuk, bir çocuk bin umut” organized for collecting books from Aves employees and their social media followers (2016),
  • Scholarship for university students; Scholarship to 83 university students in 2016 / 2017 academic year (2017),
  • “Bir Kitap Bir Çocuk Bir Çocuk Bin Umut” Campaign; being a bridge in sharing new books and used ones donated by employees for the library to open in Elazığ Fatih Sultan Mehmet Secondary School,
  • Mersin 75. Yıl Natural Sciences High School, monetary support for “Restoration of washbasins and water tanks with fountain (şadırvan)” units for Girls and Boys (2017),
  • Mersin 75. Yıl Natural Sciences High School, restoration of dining hall (2017),
  • Mersin University Conservatory, restoration of music rooms (2017),
Contribution To Economy

Our purpose is to widen agriculture of oilseeds and facilities across the country, which is to become a basis for production and to raise farmers’ awareness and support them based on our understanding of sustainable agriculture and agro-industry.

  • Support to R&D project titled “Determination of Areas in Turkey suitable for Safflower Seed Agriculture, Determination of Production Techniques eligible for expansion of production” conducted by Selçuk University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Facility Protection,
Accessible And Clean Energy

We produce sustainable, organic, renewable energy sources for our country to reduce our dependence to external energy supply, based on our concept of both economic and strategic contribution.

Environment Protection

We reduce negative impact of petroleum and its derivatives on environment and atmosphere thanks to fully green fuels we produce based on our environmental consciousness. We support any attempt to help development and expansion of green technologies and to raise environmental awareness.

  • 1st Bio-fuel Symposium – Sponsorship (2015),
  • 2nd Bio-fuel Symposium – Sponsorship (2016),

We design creative projects through our R&D studies, which will make contribution to our economy, region, industry and our facility towards making economic and social development sustainable.

  • 12th International Project Management Day Supportive Sponsorship ( 2016)
Concept Of Quality

With the understanding of continuous improvement our company obtains certificates at international standards in the fields such as food safety, occupational safety, environmental safety, information safety and customer satisfaction.

We respect our customers, suppliers, contractors, employees and our society across all territories we are active.

We respect nature… We grow naturally!