In parallel with our company’s vision and mission, our HR policy aims to prepare, develop a human resources infrastructure required for achieving goals of the company by using HR in the best way possible and establish a learning, developing, creative organization that uses modern management techniques and creates added-value, being sensitive to environment, occupational health and safety.


Establish HR policies and practices to make contribution to achieving company goals, Establish an organization that is result-oriented and taking decisions fast to make contribution to company values, as well as a team with high competence supporting this organization at any level, based on an effective employment policy, Apply a fair career and compensation policy, Allow company to achieve its goals by supporting employees’ accomplishments and continuous improvement by using a target-based management model, Ensure that leaders to lead this company in the future are raised based on an effective HR planning, Increase employees’ satisfaction, motivation and loyalty, Ensure that “Organizational Culture and Awareness” is established by meeting employees’ social and cultural requirements, Develop systems to encourage success and creativity,


For the purposes of lifelong learning, improvement of qualifications, motivation and increasing performances, we detect the needs of training and development, and ensure implementation in line with annual training schedules and evaluate their effectiveness. We make sure our organizational development to be continuous thanks to internal and external programs towards learning and improvement, for the purposes of being one step ahead, making a difference and supporting our employees in the best possible way.


We organize events such as dinner and travel organizations, sports matches, tournaments, contests for our employees to participate with their families to internalize communication, motivation, team spirit and solidarity among all employees. We target to establish awareness of being an integral part of a whole, gathering under the common values and ensuring unity of our employees through such events and organizations we have every year.