We act by taking full account of the requirement of having respect for sensitive issues such as gender, color, language, religion, race, sexual identity, sect, disability, age and marital status between employees based on the principles of equality and equal treatment, and we provide employment based on a person’s abilities and competence, and a fair environment of work. We do care about formal, material and social equality.

  • Ticket support for “Gülen Hayat – Yaşadıkça Varız” titled play staged by Can Art Theatre for the Handicapped as well as the play titled “Engelli Şov” staged by Aktif Stage Theatre for the Handicapped (2015 / 2016),
  • Relief such as hosiery, hygienic products, ready-made outfit, baby products to women inmates and their children in Tarsus Female Correction Facility (2016),
  • Donation of walking sticks to Altınokta Association of the Blind (2017),
  • Korykos International Safya Photography Contest (2017)